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Ireland: MEAL Intern


October 30, 2014
Organization: GOAL
Country: Ireland
Closing date: 28 Nov 2014

Job Title: MEAL Intern - Standardising Indicators
Job Location: HQ Dublin (or possibly based at home)
Reporting To: M&E Advisor Dublin overall; on a day to day basis to the Survey & Assessment Advisor
Contract Length: 6 months
Start Date: 1st December 2014

Overview: Over the years GOAL has developed a suite of indicators which have been used for measuring programmes/projects and for baseline questions used for surveys and assessments. These indicators assist us in measuring achievements across our health, livelihoods, Child protection and humanitarian interventions. While there is growing convergence in the interpretation and understanding of these indicators in recent years, they have not been sufficiently documented or standardised and this has led to variations in how country programmes and functions interpret, analyse and report data.

GOAL requires that all indicators are accompanied by clear definitions, set out in an agreed indicator template, which outlines the source of the data, how to collect the data and measure the indicator, how to interpret and report the indicator etc. This suite of indicator templates will provide a resource for GOAL's Board of Management, its' Programme Committee, Country Programmes, Technical Team Members and HQ staff to refer to when communicating on GOAL achievements, and when preparing proposals, log frames, monitoring tools, surveys etc thus ensuring everyone is using, reporting, measuring and analysing the indicators in a standard way.

General Role (Overview of scope of mission)

GOAL HQ MEAL function is looking for an intern for an initial period of six months to support the development of this resource/suite of standardised indicators, for use in programming and surveys and assessments. The intern can be based in the Dublin Head Office (preferred) or work remotely with access to email, internet, skype and computer required. Working hours will be 9.00 am to 5.30pm with half hour for lunch, Monday to Friday.

Working with GOAL's Survey and Assessment Advisor, the Intern will complete the standardised indicator template for all currently agreed GOAL indicators (N = at a minimum 300). This resource will draw heavily on work on international donors including USAID, DfID, EU, and UN Bodies, such as World Health Organisation, Food and Agricultural Organisation, etc) to ensure GOAL's measurements are grounded in international standards and evidence.

Key Objectives:
1) Collate suite of indicators for each programme component eg Care Groups, CLTS, Health Facility Support (mainly Survey & Assessment Advisor's responsibility);
2) Complete Indicator Template for each indicator;
3) Compilation of document for suites of indicators which is easy to use by GOAL Staff (eg contents page with links to relevant indicator page)
4) Upload onto GOAL Intranet (responsibility of Survey & Assessment Advisor)

Reporting To
• Overall - Mary van Lieshout, M&E Advisor, Dublin Office
• On a daily basis - Amanda Agar, Survey & Assessment Advisor, UK based

How to apply:

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