A. Individual Team Member Checklist


The following pages contain five types of checklists for team members:

  • Personal items.
  • Optional items.
  • Personal health items and medical tips.
  • OFDA-provided items.
  • Information to be left with Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) headquarters in Washington (OFDA/W).

Team members should be as individually mobile as possible. Unless you are deploying as a member of a long-term DART, try to limit your personal belongings to what you can carry.

1. Personal Items and Related Tips

2. Optional Items (Bring at Your Own Risk)

3. Personal Health Items and Medical Tips

Don’t take any toiletries or first aid kit items in glass bottles.

4. OFDA-Provided Items

5. Information To Be Left With OFDA/W

TOC: General Responsibilities and Information