E. Administration

1. Time Records

Depending on the relationship with OFDA, team members may or may not need to keep track of hours worked during a deployment to a disaster. OFDA will determine what method of timekeeping is necessary. If there will be reimbursement for all or a portion of a person’s time, the team member must make sure that he or she and his or her agency are clear on what method of reimbursement will be used by OFDA. Team members may be serving OFDA under the following types of agreements.

USAID Direct Hire. See USAID Directives and discuss with your supervisor.

Personal Services Contractor. Reimbursement and reporting documentation determined by contract. Check with OFDA at time of contract issuance.

Interagency Agreement. DART leader establishes the work schedule. Reimbursement for overtime, comp time, and other types of compensation shall be in accordance with the parent agency’s personnel policies.

Individual Working for an Institutional Contractor, Grantee, or an Organization With a Memorandum of Understanding With OFDA (May Include Volunteers). Reimbursement and reporting documentation are determined by the contract, grant, or MOU. Parent agencies must determine the required documentation.

2. Per Diem and Vouchers

Current per diem rates and normal per diem rules will be used by all team members to determine amounts to be reimbursed for expenses incurred during a team deployment.

Team members will fill out travel vouchers with the agency that prepares their TAs. If a team member will be reimbursed based on actual lodging expenses, he or she must obtain receipts for lodging and will have to provide a justification if the charges are in excess of per diem rates. Remember, only those expenses authorized on a travel authorization and documented with receipts can be reimbursed.

3. Procurement and Contracting

Unless authorized, team members cannot purchase, hire, or contract for goods and services or make informal commitments to do so. If team members have any questions as to the limits of their procurement or contract authority, they should contact their team leader or the Administrative Officer.

TOC: General Responsibilities and Information