F. Safety and Security


The safety and security of everyone on the team is a responsi-bility of every team member, regardless of his or her position on the team. The goal is to prevent accidents and injuries, avoid situations that compromise personal security, and protect the safety and health of all team members on and off the job. When a team member becomes sick, injured, or involved in a security incident and must be cared for, rescued, and possibly evacuated, the team’s ability to deliver the maximum assistance possible to those affected by the disaster is diminished.


The following checklist for safety and security covers some of the general issues team members should be aware of before they depart and throughout their deployment. If a written Safety and Security Plan is available, team members should obtain a copy. Team members should get briefings before they leave on the safety and security situation in the disaster area and stay current on these issues when deployed. If the team has a Safety/Security Officer, team members should get briefings and a copy of the Safety and Security Plan from this team member.

1. Safety and Security Checklist

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