C. Assessment Team Composition

The decision to deploy an Assessment Team rests with the Director of OFDA. The composition of an Assessment Team will be determined by the Director in consultation with OFDA’s Senior Management Team (SMT). An ideal OFDA Assessment Team typically comprises specialists with expertise needed for the disaster in fields such as health, nutrition, water and sanitation, engineering, logistics, communications, disaster management, and OFDA policies and procedures. The specialists also should have had training in areas such as gender sensitivity, cultural appropriateness, and livelihood rehabilitation. OFDA draws experts from within OFDA and USAID, other Federal agencies, contractors with disaster management experience, donor government aid agencies, and the UN/PVO/NGO/IO community.

The Assessment Team is led by a Team Leader who is usually selected from within OFDA or USAID. Team Leaders are familiar with OFDA’s mandate and response capabilities. The specific scope of work for each Assessment Team is defined by OFDA management and the USAID/Embassy in the affected country.

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