J. Assessment Checklists

1. Introduction

The following assessment checklists are intended to assist the Assessment Team in planning, formatting, and conducting a complete initial assessment. The answers to the checklist questions will provide the information needed to complete the disaster cable formats outlined in the section, OFDA Assessment Cable Reporting Formats.

These assessment checklists are divided into major sectoral areas. They are meant to be as inclusive as possible of the types of questions that need to be answered in initial assessments of various disasters. To be answered completely, some of the questions require extensive survey work, which the team may or may not have the capacity to perform. The information may already exist, however, and the task of the team may be only to gather assessment information assembled by others and evaluate the information for accuracy, timeliness, and completeness. An Assessment Team may also find it necessary to develop new or expanded questions to gather the required information for specific disasters.

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