Rationale for Select Destinations

This chapter of the Yellow Book was created to allow experts who have lived in or have frequently visited particular destinations to share their insider’s knowledge of these places. Each of these sections should be considered a personal perspective on the area discussed. They are editorial in nature, containing the author’s expressed opinions; they should not be taken as a prescription for pretravel care. These sections are intended to help a travel health provider feel more comfortable giving advice about destinations that he or she may have never visited and to provide a level of detail about the attractions and risks that has not been provided elsewhere in this book.

The destination sections are among the most popular features of the Yellow Book . Space limitations prevent us from including all tourist destinations in this chapter, and the decision of what destinations to add or remove is guided by volume of US travel, uniqueness of health risks, and other factors. In this edition, we have added Cuba (reflecting the loosening of US travel restrictions) and Burma (reflecting its emergence as a tourist destination). To accommodate these new sections, we have removed Cambodia and Egypt & Nile River Cruises. Because these destinations remain relevant, these sections will continue to exist in the Yellow Book online (www.cdc.gov/yellowbook), along with other online-only sections: Guatemala and Belize, Iguaçu Falls, and Jamaica.


Ronnie Henry