Yellow Fever

  • Requirements: Required if traveling from a country with risk of YF virus transmission and ≥9 months of age, including transit >12 hours in an airport located in a country with risk of YF virus transmission. 1 This requirement does not apply to travelers whose itineraries are limited to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and Macao SAR.
  • Recommendations: None


  • Areas with malaria: Rare cases in the counties along the China-Burma (Myanmar) border in Yunnan Province and Motuo County in Tibet. No malaria in areas where most major river cruises pass.
  • Drug resistance 3: Chloroquine and mefloquine.
  • Malaria species: Primarily P. vivax ; P. falciparum in Yunnan Province.
  • Recommended chemoprophylaxis: None (practice mosquito avoidance).
Map 2-8. China reference map
Map 2-8. China reference map